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vendor locking
July 18, 2020

Free your website from Vendor Locking

Control your own Domain Name & Hosting and migrate your website to an installation that...  read more

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Web Scraper in Python
January 12, 2021

I just learned how to build a Web Scraper in Python

See the course: I'm so happy this happened. I just assumed I wouldn't really get...  read more

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wordpress specialist
September 5, 2020

I Launched a New WordPress Support Website

Visit the site : After 20 years of building websites I discovered something mind blowing...  read more

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How Google Sees SSL Certificates
April 14, 2020

I made a Infographic to explain why you need a SSL certificate

Since July 2018, Google began to prioritise website which have an “SSL” cert (Secure Socket Layer)...  read more

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