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I built a Horse Auction website

September 29, 2021 In Design News

This solves a bigger problem than you would think. Online auctions are everywhere but auctioning a horse is complicated process with in a very litigious industry. So you really need to get it right when it comes to auction snipping. Even with prominent terms & conditions the technology needs to hold the weight on a burden of proof.

Take a look at the project here :

That’s why we love Woocommerce Simple auction plugin . It provides the basics for your auction needs and there is plenty of room for customisation.

Combined with a stringent registration process we were able to provide an easy auction experience for everyone involved. We provided the extra services of being on hand on the day to trouble shoot and put out fires and be the ones proving proof of bidding history.

We got alot of interest and positive feedback about the auction and have built a project around that idea but instead of integrating it into existing websites we would self host the auction to keep control of cron-jobs and servers to ensure notifications are sent on time.

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