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Building new functionality using ACF and bootstarp

March 29, 2022 In Design News

Stretching back in time to our industrial and product design roots we were able to design and build functionality that does not exist (and still doesn’t) . The easy solution is to build a plugin that does the work but the cheapest solution is to utilise an existing plugin and build a template that can do all the heavy lifting.

See the project here :

The project is an educational tool for educators to understand the scoring system. They can guess what they think is the appropriate score for an ‘example’ test paper, feedback is displayed on the page weather they selection is correct or not.

With over a hundred different examples on the website this grid / table needed to work across all examples without needing individual customisation. We knew ACF ( Advanced Custom Fields ) was the solution to creating the table but the problem was it was too limited in how we wanted to display the table. But thankfully bootstrap comes with a really useful library of css and js options which enabled us to display and hide what was needed, when it was needed.

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