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I Launched a New WordPress Support Website

September 5, 2020 In Design News

Visit the site :

After 20 years of building websites I discovered something mind blowing…

Businesses literally wasted hours of their valuable time trying to find information for the simplest of wordpress issues.

When they eventually came to me for help they were surprised that I fixed their problem over the phone sometimes literally without even having a computer in front of me.

Who knows how much money they could have saved if they came to me first !

That’s where WordPress Boom comes in.

I already offer this service for clients I build websites for. But then I realised there must be thousands of people having the same issue but not knowing how to fix it. They’re wasting their time on something that I can fix within minutes.

I keep coming across broken websites with plugin or security issues or even User Experience issues, that I know if it was fixed, it would vastly improve their customers engagement with their business. And in turn show that their brand is something that is reliable instead of a somewhat broken / we’ll fix it later type of “vibe”..

At the time of writing I’m offering a free website report, go visit the new site to read more.

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