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Clean Up Your Front Door ! – Why better design pays off

The pursuit of new clients is often left to the mysterious workings of the grapevine – ” recommendations “. Which is great, because you already have peaked their interest and the client comes knocking on YOUR door.

But, what if your door is badly painted or has a cracked window. What if outside your door you have an over turned rubbish bin or faded shop sign, with an old phone number, the appeal to investigate this “recommended” supplier is slightly less – would you agree ?

Potential clients want to establish a relationship with a supplier, which starts with trust. So, when they come to your rubbish laden badly painted broken door, their “Trust” would begin to waver at least, if not – probably just turnaround and drive back to the office.

Obvious stuff, right ? Yet that’s what happens when customers visit your website everyday !!

Broken Links, Old information, out of date styling, cheap looking designs, not viewable on mobile phones – Your Website is the Modern Day Shop Front or Office Door, clean it up ! You might be a €1,000,000 company but if a potential client comes to your website and is greeted by an old broken down “Front Door” and your competitor greets them with a lovely shiny new, sliding door that smiles at you and says ” Hello, I’m the business you’ve been searching for “, I think you get my point.

The same reasoning can apply to Business Cards. If a “contact” goes to his boss and wants to put you forward as a possible supplier, how do you think a set of “Vista Print Cards” will come across ? That combined with a poor website does not amount to a good first impression (at least) .

So when you’re thinking about updating your website, invest in something that is gong to do a good job for you. If you choose the alternative, Yes OK you will save a few €100 euro (at best), but with a well thought out design you could earn potentially €1000’s of euro more income, because you made a good first impression and you followed that up by providing your top quality Product or Service.

I just learned how to build a Web Scraper in Python

See the course:

I’m so happy this happened. I just assumed I wouldn’t really get it, but having a strong basis in HTML and CSS made this course easier.

The tutor was very good in how he explained the code, he presented it in a way that was not chronological but rather experiential. As-in instead of saying you type out this line.. like this.. and so on.. he explained why you need to type the line.

Which made the course intuitive through just explaining logic. It reminded that coding is a conversation, where all questions and answers are made by the same person.

I Launched a New WordPress Support Website

Visit the site :

After 20 years of building websites I discovered something mind blowing…

Businesses literally wasted hours of their valuable time trying to find information for the simplest of wordpress issues.

When they eventually came to me for help they were surprised that I fixed their problem over the phone sometimes literally without even having a computer in front of me.

Who knows how much money they could have saved if they came to me first !

That’s where WordPress Boom comes in.

I already offer this service for clients I build websites for. But then I realised there must be thousands of people having the same issue but not knowing how to fix it. They’re wasting their time on something that I can fix within minutes.

I keep coming across broken websites with plugin or security issues or even User Experience issues, that I know if it was fixed, it would vastly improve their customers engagement with their business. And in turn show that their brand is something that is reliable instead of a somewhat broken / we’ll fix it later type of “vibe”..

At the time of writing I’m offering a free website report, go visit the new site to read more.

Free your website from Vendor Locking

Control your own Domain Name & Hosting and migrate your website to an installation that you own and control.

What is this about ?

Some Web Development companies own and control their clients website files, administration access and Domain names.

Some of these companies take advantage of that fact and can charge you whatever fee they wish to update content. Because they are holding all the cards.
These are your assets and the key to your organisations success. If you are “Locked” in this type of supplier situation you can free yourself of this relationship by :

  1. Getting Control of your Domains
  2. Owning Your own Hosting Account
  3. Migrating your site to an open source system

I can help !

I made a Infographic to explain why you need a SSL certificate

Since July 2018, Google began to prioritise website which have an “SSL” cert (Secure Socket Layer)  and to punish website without an SSL cert by adding “ NOT secure. “ to their website address.. 

You may have noticed that beside the address bar there is an info icon, and has the word “Not Secure” – if you have an SSL cert it displays a green padlock and is marked as a secure connection. 
See screen shots attached for your reference. 

An SSL cert basically encrypts the communication between the website and the browser (e.g. Chrome) so that it can protect your website visitors and stop website hacking. 
It has become industry standard protection world wide is is used by all browsers now, google has taken it one step further and now priorities results which have a valid SSL cert. 
Let me know if you would be interested in adding one to your site. 

4 Year SSL for €192

Website / Webshop Redesign

Yet another website / webshop redesign … Sometimes Business goals change and a business needs to refocus into new areas of their market and the best way of telling people about it is change your website.

“People were calling asking about products and Services we don’t do anymore, it’s time to change our website…

I really like the old site, but it was a bit too clunky for the modern internet user who could visit and be finished with your website forever within 30 seconds, if they don’t find what they want ….

This new design, is simple and punches the visitor with their 3 main areas of expertise, while also keeping the charm of lovely landscaping shots… all be it new drone shots.

The shop too, was a bit unclear, this new interface is lovely and clear and hopefully will lead to more $ales … I will check back later on that…


Let me know what you think. — >