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Website video for digital display

September 5, 2022 In Design News

Just finished a great project for one of my longest standing clients P&M Kitchens in Wexford. The video is for a digital display for their showroom in Rathwood Furniture Showrooms in Carlow.

They liked it so much they have opted to add the video to the home page for their website here.

The video is a combination of video footage, still photography and high fidelity 3D images mixed together into a 6 minute presentation outlaying their skills, services & process.

To accommodate the video on the website we have upgraded their a hostinger server that can handle the load .

Mobile loading has also been considered here, where the video does not auto play on Mobile but rather you have the option to play the youtube video, does cuts down on costs for the mobile viewer visiting the website not using WIFI.

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