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We’ve teamed up with Lighthouse Media to provide contemporary Social Media Management. This enables us to offer an all round web management service. Not only can we provide SEO, Web Design & Hosting but now also , Facebook updates and social media promotion. But Lighthouse Media can take it a step further if you’re looking for extra exposure on TV or Radio or Printed Media.

About Lighthouse PR & Media
Lighthouse PR & Media understand the steps needed to ensure that your business uses social media in the right way. Lighthouse PR and Media offers training to businesses in Ireland on how best to manage their online presence and how to calculate their ROI. While also providing in depth knowledge as to what social media platforms are most suitable to their business.

Other Services Include Event Management, Public Relations, Copywriting, Business Development & Social Media Promotion.

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“…I don’t have the time to make Facebook Updates… now I have daily updates and promotions, my followers have exploded. Very Impressive…”


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