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Mobile Web Design

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“Nearly all our customers use a phone or ipad to search the web.
We loved our web design but wanted to create user friendly website for our customers with a mobile web design. We approached Hayden Communication and they came back with a great offer and within a few weeks, we had a
new site but you wouldn’t have known it.
It looked just the same, but when you viewed on the a mobile all the text was the right sized and photos scaled down… Jus the way we like it.”
( MT Plant Hire )

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Soon, if not already you will use your phone to access the internet, EVERYDAY. And so will YOUR CUSTOMERS, this will change how you communicate with them FOREVER.

Sustainable Designs :
How does your website look on mobile devices ? Do you know?.
Our research shows there had been a massive increase in mobile web users visiting our clients websites. We have found 55% of visitors to websites use an ipod, iphone android or ipad. In the USA 45% are mobile users and the UK 65% both of which are increasing all the time. It is inevitable that some day most people will surf the web using their phones, as it is obviously easier and cheaper. And currently the market is being flooded with a vast selection of smart phones all of which can visits your website. How does your site appear ?


But cant most phones view the internet anyway ? YES, But how does your site appear? does it still work? Some technologies do not work on Mobile devices, which means your site is not working.

Screen sizes:
Orientation can change the screen size (portrait or landscape). Our designs adapts to the screen size

We can provide you with an analysis of how your website appears on the web and we can make recommendations on how to optimise your site for mobile devices. Please fill in form above

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