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Standard Websites

[ap_column span=”3″]Make an Great First Impression
We have comprehensive packages that covers everything you need to get started.

Brochure Website
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[ap_li]Hosting & Domain Name Setup[/ap_li]
[ap_li]Web / Graphic Design[/ap_li]
[ap_li]Mobile Compatible Design[/ap_li]
[ap_li]Initial Setup and construction[/ap_li]
[ap_li]Update-able website with Database[/ap_li]
[ap_li]Add, Pages, Photos, Video, Galleries, Slideshows[/ap_li]
[ap_li]Contact Forms[/ap_li]
[ap_li]Google Map Integration[/ap_li]
[ap_li]Social Media Integration[/ap_li]
[ap_li]Search Engine Optimisation[/ap_li]
[ap_li]Website Analytics Installation & Setup[/ap_li]

We can use the design you already have or create a fresh new design and layout.
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“We already had a website but it needed a bit of ‘freshening up’… Now we have an original design and its mobile compatible as standard…”

( P.Smith Daddy DayCare )


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