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Skycan Website and Introduction Movie

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Skycan is a drone video and photography service that operates all over Belgium. Backed up by a professional drone pilot license Guy Verhoeven provides drone imaging services across a broad range of industries from Film to Search & Rescue.

Guy and I met through our mutual passion for stand up comedy and after a gig in 2017 the conversation turned to drones and 360 photography and the rest is history.

Skycan now have ambitious plans to expand not only into the drone imaging services but also drone sales. Having obtained many distribution licenses for Belgium and Western Europe Skycan are carving out their own corner of this new expanding market.

I loved working on this project not only because I got to hang out with Guy but because it gave me new challenges and I’d like to think I rose to the occasion.

Video Editing

Having dabbled in video editing here and there over the last few years this project gave me a good excuse to really get stuck in and learn something about it.

However I was surprised to find that I kind of already knew how to do it, seems all those years of working with Flash was not a waste of time after all. The basic layout of building a sequence was very similar and the animation tools in premiere were really excellent and made it quick to produce really effective and professional animations.

Inspired by the website I decide to utilise youtube embed to run the 43second introduction movie in order to speed up the load time.

Web Design

When you’re working with a premium wordpress theme, the term ‘Web Design’ seems a little over qualified to describe how the site is built. But in an attempt to wow my client, initially my design proposal had all the bells an whistles the theme could offer. However the sobering feedback had one simple comment that scuppered my attempt “Not sympathetic to the house style”.

‘Woops! there goes gravity back to reality..’

The next version was a hit, bringing life to the design with animated elements. By utilising their bright colours the design began to punch out the content from the dark background. No flashy stuff just soft and calm animated transitions to give a nice flow to display the content.

Moving to a side navigation enabled the main content to be framed at full height to display their real USP the images that drones can make possible.


E Commerce

With products coming from multiple sources and with varying scale of cost per unit the challenge here was calculating delivery costs and as orders have to be priced as a ‘package’ , a straight forward WooCommerce setup was not going to work. But because WooCommerce is so well support it wasn’t difficult to find a suitable ‘Quotation Request’ system where the user after sending the request can “Accept” and pay for the order through stripe.

Stripe is a new payment platform that outshines Paypal in cost and options.

Web Hosting

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