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Website Redesign

Short Description

Yet another website / webshop redesign … Sometimes Business goals change and a business needs to refocus into new areas of their market and the best way of telling people about it is change your website.

“People were calling asking about products and Services we don’t do anymore, it’s time to change our website…

I really like the old site, but it was a bit too clunky for the modern internet user who could visit and be finished with your website forever within 30 seconds, if they don’t find what they want ….

This new design, is simple and punches the visitor with their 3 main areas of expertise, while also keeping the charm of lovely landscaping shots… all be it new drone shots.

The shop too, was a bit unclear, this new interface is lovely and clear and hopefully will lead to more $ales … I will check back later on that…


  • Date : 2020
  • Categories : Websites
  • Client : Kinbak Products Ltd
  • Website :

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