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Wexford & Antwerpen

Photoshopping, Print Ready Files & Video Presentation

Trade Show Presentation Loop

A multinational company with bases throughout the world Orafol manufacture industry quality reflective materials which can be found on road signs, trucks and haulage trailers and reflective clothing.

This video is part of a slideshow which is displayed at trade shows around the world.

Photoshop Work

100’s of product photos have passed through my office to be “cleaned up” for product brochures, websites and point of sale display.

Typically I turn these around in the same day to enable the marketing team to crack on with the next phase of using the artwork.

Product Sheets

With a worldwide distribution network I have created and edited literally 100’s of product sheets over the past 7 years with various languages.

Print Ready Files

All artwork files are created in accordance with their corporate identity guidelines and print ready files exported in with printing companies requirements.

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