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Wexford & Antwerpen

Explainer Video, USB Cards & Printing

Product Introduction Video

As a part of a marketing campaign to break into the UK Market M&T wanted to impress potential clients with a professional presentation that had never been used in the sector before. A Branded USB Card with a video presentation.

After a discussion about the UK market, and the product & service we began to build a list of important points that needed to come across.

The unique selling points and operational explanation were scripted in with a brief introduction to the company that focused on expertise.

Facebook Advertisement Campaign

M&T have a identity problem because their name is M&T “Plant Hire”. This is usually associated with building while they are firmly in the services and maintenance area of the construction industry.

So the first task was to get the right message out there with geographical targeted facebook ads to let their potential customers know what they actually do. This was backed up by a comprehensive adwords campaign and in turn gave feedback to  help the adwords campaign focus on their key services.

Explainer Video

M&T have many different types of services and it is sometimes difficult to get it all across on a flyer or website with static text and images. This short 45 second video keeps the viewer engaged while explaining all their services in one stream.

We started by developing a script that covered everything we needed to get across. From there we built a story board for the graphics ques and built the animation over the final edit of the voice over.

We kept the voice over tone and background music upbeat to keep viewers engaged. Facebook stats showed over 50% viewed it to the end.

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