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UX Audit / UI Redesign

February 20, 2019 In Design News,ux

What I will do for you : Identify and fix things that provide BIG value, just by evaluating what you see on the screen.

What a UX Audit will cover

Here are some of the things we’ll uncover with a complete UX audit — and a UI redesign —

  • Poor color choices that cause eye strain and fatigue.
  • Obtuse, inappropriate labeling that confuses meaning and information relationships.
  • Multi-faceted navigation that confuses the organization and priority of topics, sub-topics and content.
  • Inconsistency in visual presentation that stops users after clicking or tapping.
  • Interaction cues that are nearly invisible (and ignored) due to poor design choices.
  • Poorly conceived visual hierarchies that fail to address the reasons the user came here in the first place!

And after we root out what’s wrong, I’m going to show you how to fix every one of those issues in a full-blown UI redesign.

You won’t just see what replaces each visual element — you’ll understand why that replacement is better, and how it improves UX.