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Increase Client visits with a VR Tour

Successful internet marketing relies on a strong and broad web presence. The more your business can be seen on the internet the more business you will see. Google researchers have discovered that a customer is more likely to visit your premises if they can see the inside first.

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That’s why I have committed to the Google Street view project. So we can add to your web presence and give your customers a better experience of your business online.

As a part of the advancement of Virtual Reality Technology, Google street view can be navigated with VR goggles which are becoming more and more popular because internet users want to experience a location to feel what it is like to be there.

360 photos are not restricted to just VR goggles infact Facebook can post 360 photos and uses your handheld device to pan around the photo as you move your phone or pad.

Google street view photos can be embedded into and page on the internet using a simple iframe embed code. iframes open up other cool possibilities such as contact forms floating over your Virtual Tour so you can make a Booking or click an info icon to reveal more details on the room in question.

I have all the skills to make these a reality for your project. Take a look at my Portfolio section here to experience it for yourself.

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