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How will wearable technology affect web design?

If 5G is changing the way we integrate with wearable technology then it looks like 5G is going to impact design and branding. Will it be in 2020?. We will have to wait and see. Although wearable technology is common, it’s not common enough. Its still in its early stages. maybe more like 2024 is when you will see if fully used in day to day life. I recently produced an article that looks at the predictions for 2020 web design and branding and wearable’s aren’t on that list. Check it out here if you havent done so yet Branding in 2020 .

5G has helped increase the need for using wearable technology. It’s expected that web designers and web developers will prepare for the rise of wearable technology by adapting interactivity for users of very small screens. Ease of access, ease of use and overall efficiency will be a priority.

  • Responsive layouts
  • More icons for use of a finger or thumb touch
  • Larger scalable fonts
  • Care for checking concise text and readability
  • Fashionable aesthetic designs

Another likely change with 5G connections will be the reliance on virtual reality apps and virtual personal assistants. So Web designers will be integrating improved Chatbot’s and Artificial Intelligence in their web sites for business web sites.

5G connections will make visiting websites on Mobile devices an even more likely experience for your client. Currently over 52% of all web traffic is on mobile phones in 2018. 5G will only push that figure up for 2019.