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Double check your emails from, you could be target for a scam.

March 22, 2019 In Design News,Scams & Spam Fixes

I keep getting these scam emails – claiming to be from Blacknight.

What is this about?

Unfortunately blacknight and their clients are currently being targeted by a spate of email phishing attacks.

If you have sent blacknight a sample of the phishing email that you got they appreciate it.

What are Blacknight doing about it?

Senior staff are working with partners in industry to get the malicious websites taken offline as quickly as possible.

How did the scammers get my email address?

Unfortunately there are a lot of email databases for sale online. From what we can tell the scammers are using a very large list of Irish email addresses

Has Blacknight been compromised?

They take the security of their systems very seriously and to the best of our knowledge there has not been any breach of security.

What can I do if I clicked on the links in the email?

If you clicked on the links in the scam email please contact

How to spot it ? 2 places :

  • Expand the “From” Email address field you can see the true address is not from Blacknight.
  • Hover over the external link to the so called “Blacknight” portal , you can see the URL is not a
The true email address is not a Blacknight Email address
The true URL of external link does not go to