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December 9, 2017 In Design,Design News,Inspirations

Inspired by the Books in the Harry Potter Films . Cinemagraphs are “living” photographs: a mix of static image and video, looped infinitely without any visible breaks or edits. … Thanks to the introduction of a moving element, cinemagraphs can evoke a more emotional reaction than conventional photography.

Here is one I made of the Christmas Market in Mortsel.

After taking the hi res video, I overlay a still of the video and used a masked layer to reveal the ‘living’ part of the image.

Get in touch to see what is possible for your cinemagraph.

Created for a home page hot link

What does Cinemagraph mean ?

The word comes from combining two other words ‘Cinematography’ and ‘Photography’. As mentioned above, inspired by the world of Harry Potter they are basically animated Gifs on an infinite seamless loop.

Animation has exploded in web design and now you can easily animate almost anything any way you like. However there is a problem with readability when everything is animated, jostling for the users attention. That’s why animated elements are becoming more subtle (and helpful). That is why cinemagraphs will become the common ground between content and wow.

If you need an image that will catch your customers attention and get them to engage, Cinemagraphs will be how you do it in 2018.