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Bad ideas about Internet policy can spread like a virus.

November 20, 2019 In Design News,Digital Freedom

In one of the most contentious decisions in the European Union’s history, the European Parliament voted to approve the “link tax” and “censorship machine” proposals—Article 11 and Article 13. These proposals undermine Internet users’ ability to share their work and create new limits on their ability to link, quote, and critique the news. Online rights supporters around the world are now tasked with challenging this decision and keeping public pressure on lawmakers.

Don’t let these disastrous copyright policies put a stranglehold on the Internet. Help us continue to fight back.

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With this week’s vote, European Parliamentarians turned their backs on hundreds of thousands of protesters and five million online petitioners by approving the Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive. Lobbyists from the media establishment will try to codify this vote and carry it over to jurisdictions throughout the world, but we can’t let them. The future of free expression and the open Internet is at stake.

We have the right to be free of censorship. We shouldn’t be forced to communicate through perpetually-flawed digital filters and arbitrary licensing requirements. With the help of members from 92 countries around the world, EFF has fought these measures at every turn for nearly 30 years. Join us, and help oppose these short-sighted copyright laws that stifle free expression.

Fighting for your online rights,

Aaron Jue
EFF Development Director